Department of Humanities & Science

There is Science behind every task we take up. Basic Science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English) plays a vital role for it paves the way of the students towards placing their foot firmly so far acquisition and application of technical knowledge is concerned.
The world is becoming a global village where scientific research and revolution along with excellent communication skill have all set in to alter the blue prints of life.
In S.E.S, we take utmost pain to provide the future technocrats the necessary but quintessential knowledge regarding basic science.
Name : Mr. Shishir Kumar Choudhury
Qualification : M.Sc(Physics), M.Phil, Ph.D(pursuing)
Designation : H.O.D
Year of experience : 18 yrs
Specialization : Electronics
  Name : Mrs. Subarna Manjari Patel
Qualification : M.A(Mathematmics), Ph.D(pursuing)
Designation : Sr. Lecturer
Year of experience : 14 yrs.
Specialization : Neural Network.
Name : Mr. Manoj Kumar Patel
Qualification : M.Sc(Physics), LLB.
Designation : Lecturer
Year of experience : 13 yrs.
Specialization : Nuclear Physics.
Name : Mr. Ganeswar Tripathy
Qualification : M.A.(English)
Designation : Lecturer
Year of experience : 12 yrs.
Specialization : Linguistics.
Name : Mr. Tikachanda Barik
Qualification : M.Sc(Mathematics), M.Phil
Designation : Lecturer
Year of experience : 6 yrs.
Specialization : Number Theory.
Physics Lab. :
There is only but one science from which stems out other branches of new sciences that is Physics.
In a well spacious and equipped laboratory, students test their theoretical knowledge through experiments.
Mr. Ashok Kumar Pradhan (B.Sc)
Lab. Assistant Physics
Chemistry Lab. :
Chemistry plays an inevitable role to nurture future technocrats. In the well-furnished chemistry lab.. Students by having the right blend of theory and practice are enabled to enhance their practical ability.
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Patel (B.Sc)
Lab. Assistant Chemistry.
Communicative English Lab. :
with the world becoming a global village, English has neutralized social, national and international boarders. In the well-furnished lab. students are kin to learn and experience basic skills of communicating in english- the common lingua franca of modern times.