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In Mechanical Engineering Department we have well equipped laboratory with excellent machineries.
As for Mechanical Engineer along with the theoretical knowledge he must have good working or practical knowledge.,
Here we provide good practical knowledge to the students with proper demonstration in different laboratories.
We provide different laboratories which are as :
1. Workshop Lab.
2. Mechanical Engineering Lab.
3. CAD Lab.
4. Heat - Power Lab.
5. Hydraulic Lab.
Workshop Lab
It is the preliminary stage of an Engineer to interact with machines and tools in their studies. Here we provide well fitting, welding and turning shop.
Fitting Workshop Lab
In this shop, students are taught about the basic uses of measuring, marking and cutting tools.
Welding Workshop Lab
In this shop, students get knowledge regarding joining of metals through various types of welding processes with uses of various types of welding apparatus.
Turning Workshop Lab
Here the students get the working, separating knowledge of Lathe Machine, Shaper Machine, Milling Machine, Surface Grinder Machine, Turret Lathe Machine etc.
Mechanical Engineering Lab
Here students interact with the UTM, Izod, Screw jack, Single and double purchase crab winch etc to develop their practical knowledge regarding stress, strain, strength of metals/materials.
Computer Aided Design where students interact with computers to design and draft different products which helps them to walk with the technology.
Heat-Power Lab
Here students interact with the IC Engines to know about the heat and power generated.
Hydraulic Lab
It basically deals with the fluid power where we get practical knowledge regarding different machines and the turbine assemblies.