Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Electronics, particularly computer usage coupled with recent space age, endeavours has by this time already crept into every sphere of human activities. Every industry, institution & organization feels the need of an Electronics Engineer and a Computer specialist. Advanced countries in the world have gone to such depths of Electronics today that an Electronics Engineer is indispensable in every front. Opportunity in this highly sophisticated and advanced branch of engineering is just immense. Keeping in view the need of the day, the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department of SES, SUNDARGARH offers quite an attractive up-to-date 3 year DIPLOMA course.

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in 1997. The department covers a host of subjects inclusive of electronic circuits, microprocessor, digital signal processing, analog communication, digital communication, VLSI, embedded systems, instrumentation, encompassing courses of electronics and telecommunication engineering. The department has laboratories catering to all the subjects of studies.
Name : Er.Narayan Patel
Qualification : M.Tech
Designation : H.O.D
Year of experience : 15 yrs
Specialization : Electronics Information System
  Name : Er.Abhimanyu Kar
Qualification : M.Tech
Designation : Lecturer
Year of experience : 06 yrs.
Specialization : Electronics Information System
Name : Er.Beenapani Acharya
Qualification : M.Tech (Continuing )
Designation : Lecturer
Year of experience : 03 yrs.
Specialization : Electronics Information System
Name : Er.Shubhranshu Shekhar Patel
Qualification : M.Tech (Continuing)
Designation : Lecturer
Year of experience : 03 yrs.
Specialization : VLSI and Embedded system design
Microprocessor Laboratory :
Equipped with about 15 different Microprocessor kits and about 25 Microcontroller kits, PC's and other experimental modules.
Mr.Ranjan Kumar Naik
Electronicscircuits Laboratory :
Equipped with many modern training modules for basic electronics which lay the foundation for experimentation and design of complicated circuitry and a thorough knowledge of the properties and characteristics of different devices.
Mr.Sudhansu Kumar Nayak
Communication Systems Laboratory :
Equipped with two , Storage Oscilloscopes, B.W. and Colour TV. demonstration Kits, Signal analyzer and other experimental modules.
Mr.Subash Chandra Majhi
Digital Electronics Laboratory :
Equipped with Digital tutors and about 20 nos. of experimental modules and other equipments.
Mr.Subash Chandra Majhi(ITI in ELECTRONICS)
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory :
This laboratory is equipped with MATLAB, DSP kits & DSP Processors etc. Adequate facilities are available for students to take up their project work, in the areas of Digital Signal Processing.
Mr.Sudhansu Kumar Nayak (ITI in ELECTRONICS)