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The Department has the following well equiped laboratories
1. Soil Testing Laboratory 4. Public Health Laboratory
2. Hydraulics Laboratory 5. Civil Engineering Laboratory
3. Surveying Laboratory 6. Auto CAD Laboratory
Soil Testing Lab. :
Triaxial Shear test apparatus Sieve shaker mechine
CBR Test apparatus Apparatus for grain size analysis
Surveying Lab. :
Theodolite Prismatic compass
Dumpy Level Cross Staff
Hydraulic Lab. :
Apparatus comprising of venturimeter & orificemeter
Apparatus for measuring pressure
Apparatus comprising of different types of manometer
Apparatus for determination of co- efficient of velocity contraction & discharge of orifice
Apparatus for determination of friction loss & minor loss
Apparatus for determination of co-efficient of discharge of v-notch & rectangular not
Civil Engineering Lab. :
Abrasion Testing Machine Table Vibrator
Impact Testing Machine Compression Testing Machine
Public Health Lab.
Jar Test apparatus Thermostatically controlled oven
P.H Meter BOD Incubator
Turbidity Meter